The cameras that make my favorite images

I rebuilt my portfolio pages, putting together four groups of ten pictures each, grouped as Automotive, Dance, Landscape, and People. As I was whittling my favorite images down to a core of top picks, I realized that a ton of the pictures were in square format, which meant only thing — those images were shot by my TLR, the only 6×6 camera I have in the entire collection.

It got me thinking: of the pictures that would make it into the first iteration of the portfolio, which cameras took which images? And was there a pattern to what cameras I preferred for different purposes? (more…)

Rebooting the website

I was once a very prolific dance photographer. However, my focus shifted to different interests, and the result has been that my dance photography has fallen off a cliff. This website once served as the primary hub for sharing dance and event pictures, but since those days are pretty much in the past, I’m taking this opportunity to reboot the website towards a different direction.

Also, I changed web hosts, and the last thing I wanted to do was reupload the many, many gigabytes of photos that I’m sure people haven’t looked at in months.

So I’m starting things anew. This is now a place for me to share thoughts on all things photography, especially analog photography — my current spark of photographic enthusiasm — and share pictures that I take.