The cameras on my shelf inexplicably get older and older. I’ve always wanted a Rolleiflex, but the late f/2.8 and f/3.5 cameras go for more than I want to spend on a film camera. However, old pre-WWII Rolleiflexes are budget friendly, and historically significant — if you can find one that isn’t torn to bits and still works. To that end, I found this Rolleiflex Old Standard on eBay, CLA’d and put up for sale by Petrakla Classic Cameras in the Netherlands. A nice looking 1933-ish Rolleiflex that I can shoot with 120 film? Sure, why not? At the same time, I decided to buy a 1937-ish Kodak Retina film camera from them too, and had them ship the two cameras to my door. After three weeks of patiently waiting, they’re finally here!

New to the collection: Nikon FM3a and Bronica ETR-Si

I have two new additions to the camera collection: a Nikon FM3a and a Bronica ETR-Si. I bought both of these cameras off eBay, which just goes to show that it’s possible to find decent deals online if you know what to look for — and are willing to shell out cash during a period of time when few others are able to do so, e.g. during the Christmas season. (more…)