About Me

Me with my Mamiya C220. Photo by Perry Bennett of autoxpix.com.

I’m a hobbyist photographer shooting whatever the hell is interesting to me at the moment. I got my start by shooting local autocrosses back when I was a student at the University of Illinois, moving on to swing dance photography as I became absorbed in Lindy Hop. When I dabbled in salsa dancing, my camera came with and I shot salsa dancers in bars.

I got my start with Nikon digital cameras, but eventually discovered film cameras and have been shooting primarily film ever since. I still have my digital cameras, which usually come out for event photography, motorsports photography, and nighttime photography, but for almost everything else (i.e. personal work), I shoot almost exclusively film. I currently have a modest collection of film cameras that are all shooters, ranging from manual focus Nikon SLRs to medium format twin lens reflex cameras. Despite having more cameras than I can comfortably fit in my shooting rotation (and having downsized the collection to get this point!), I’m still always on the lookout for more cameras to collect and shoot.