About Me

Me with my Mamiya C220. Photo by Perry Bennett of autoxpix.com.

I’m a hobbyist photographer shooting whatever the hell is interesting to me at the moment. I got my start by shooting local autocrosses back when I was a student at the University of Illinois, moving on to swing dance photography as I became absorbed in Lindy Hop. When I dabbled in salsa dancing, my camera came with and I shot salsa dancers in bars.

I got my start with Nikon digital cameras, but eventually discovered film cameras and have been shooting primarily film ever since. I still have my digital cameras, which usually come out for event photography, motorsports photography, and nighttime photography, but for almost everything else (i.e. personal work), I shoot almost exclusively film. I currently have a modest collection of film cameras that are all shooters, ranging from manual focus Nikon SLRs to medium format twin lens reflex cameras. Despite having more cameras than I can comfortably fit in my shooting rotation (and having downsized the collection to get this point!), I’m still always on the lookout for more cameras to collect and shoot.

This site is my little corner of the web where I can share the pictures I took and think out loud about the cameras I’m shooting.