About Me

Me with my Mamiya C220. Photo by Perry Bennett of autoxpix.com.

I drive cars as quickly as I can around parking lots and race tracks, photograph things with both ancient film cameras and modern digital ones, and collect and wear old watches. Sometimes I go on trips where I see cool cities or hike in cool parks.

This website is a bit of an amalgamation of everything I’ve written, photographed, and basically done over the years. Half of the site has the writing, both the insightful and the insipid posts I’ve written over the course of nearly 15 years. The other half of the site has the photos, including the photos that I’ve shot for events.

I’m currently redesigning my website and consolidating all of my old website content into one. A lot of the old junk has been archived and is no longer public, but I’ll continue to add old and new stuff online whenever I feel like it.