About Me

I’m a dancer with a camera. I’m that guy. I’m the guy that is tip toeing around the dance floor trying to find the right moment to capture. I’m the guy that is laying on the ground to get a different perspective. I’m the guy that will ask someone to a dance while still wearing his camera. I’m the guy who can be typically seen throughout the dance going through several colorful iterations of tacky car-themed t-shirts. I’m the guy that takes forever to go through pictures.

I currently reside in Dearborn, Michigan.

I shoot pictures purely for fun. My goal is to convey how fun and awesome dancing is, so if you are a laid back dancer who laughs a lot and doesn’t take things seriously, you’ll probably find my lens pointed at you a lot during the evening.

Can you shoot pics of me/an event/my dog/this vegetable garden?

It depends. Since I’m doing this for fun, whether or not I fulfill requests depends entirely on how much free time I have and how interesting the subject matter is to photograph. In other words, I don’t shoot pictures for money, I shoot for the self-fulfillment of finding a special moment in time between two dancers that makes me feel all tingly inside. Or for blackmail. But usually for self-fulfillment.

If you really want me to shoot something and actually be prompt in delivering images (unlike the current two-month lag time I have between shooting a dance and finally posting pictures online), then you’re going to have to bribe me. I’ll accept meals, free entry to dances, dance exchanges, and dance workshops, or free housing when I’m dancing away from home. Just give me a holler if you want to make me actually be punctual in putting pictures online; if you succeed, I’ll try to get pictures online within a week of the event and the high-resolution images will be available for anyone to download under Creative Commons licensing.

Otherwise, I’ll probably just spend my days doing more dancing instead of going through pictures. Just sayin’.

How do I contact you?

You can try emailing me at jli [at] johnjayli [dot] com. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me by visiting my Facebook Page.